Secretarial Compliance – ROC, PT and PF

What's Included in Roc Compliance


Preparation of Board Resolution

Preparation of Minutes of Meetings

Doing necessary filings to register the resolutions with MCA

For LLPs

Preparation and Filing of Form 11

Preparation and Filing of Form 8


Commencement of business



Preparation and Filing of Form AOC - 4

Preparation and Filing of Form MGT – 7

Benefits of Compliances

  • Promotes Company Goodwill

  • Maintenance of Records

  • Avoidance of Penalties / Interests

  • Necessary for Loan Approvals

Documents Required

Shareholding Pattern & It's Changes

Bank Statements, bills and invoices if books of accounts not maintained

Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss with schedules (if books maintained by the client)

Shareholding Pattern & It's Changes

Bank Statements, bills and invoices if books of accounts not maintained

Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss with schedules (if books maintained by the client)

What's Included in PT Compliance

Professional Tax Registration is mandatory within 30 days of employing staff in a business or, in the case of professionals, 30 days from the start of the practice.

Application for the Registration Certificate should be made to the assessed state tax department within 30 days of employing staff for his business.

If the assessee has more than one place of work, then the application should be made separately to each authority with respect to the place of work under the jurisdiction of that authority.

Benefit of PT Compliance

  • Smooth registration process with minimum restrictions.

  • The Professional Tax acts as a revenue source for the state governments that helps the government to implement schemes for the various welfare and development of the region

  • Timely payment of Professional Tax can help avoid penalties and any punitive action against the Employer or a self-employed person.

  • The Employer or the self-employed person can claim a deduction on the previously paid professional tax.

Documents Required

Certificate of Incorporation / LLP Agreement


PAN Card of Company/LLP/Proprietor/Owner/Director

NOC from the landlord, where the business is situated

Passport size photos of Proprietor/Owner/Director

Address and identity proof of Proprietor/Owner/Director

Details of employees and salaries paid

Additional registrations and licenses

What included in PF Compliance:

For Employee Provident Fund, both the employee and the employer contributes an equal amount of 12% of the monthly salary of the employee.

Employees can contribute more than 12% of their salary voluntarily, however the employer is not bound to match the extra contribution of the employee.

For PF contribution, the salary comprises of fewer components:

Basic wages,
Dearness Allowances (DA),
Conveyance allowance and
Special allowance

The employer’s monthly contribution is restricted to a maximum amount of Rs 1,800. Even if the employee’s salary exceeds Rs 15,000, the employer is liable to contribute only Rs 1,800 (12% of Rs 15,000).

Benefits of PF Compliances

  • There is no requirement to make a single, lump-sum investment. Deductions are made on a monthly basis from the employee's salary and it helps in saving a huge amount of money over a long period.

  • It helps in saving money at the time of retirement and helps an individual maintain a decent lifestyle.

  • It can help an employee financially during an emergency

Required documents in PF compliance

Name of the applicant

Pan card of proprietor

Id proof of the proprietor like Driving license/Passport/Election Card

Address proof of proprietor

Address proof for the premises

Complete details of the applicant with their residential address and telephone number

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