ISO 22000 FSMS

Assure Food Safety and Standard.

Given the increasing number of food organizations and emergence of food industries, there needs to be certification that differentiates the genuine players from the others. Being certified with an ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System (FSMS) will help you have a greater preference amidst several other players, and also show your customers that you care for their safety

ISO 22000 is a worldwide certificate standard that characterizes the necessities of sustenance and makes organizations have strict control over the presence of any hazards in their food materials. Unlike other certifications, ISO 22000 is not a single stage process. It extends to the entire flow of food supply chain and monitors safety throughout, from production process, distribution, storing, and handling of all food products and ingredients.

Why Choose ISO 22000

Increased trust among the public

Access to international trade

Global recognition

Promotes overall business growth

At Bisways Consulting Group, we acquire all the mandatory documents and assess whether the organization has enough qualifications to get the accreditation. Beyond just filling the application form, as a team we ensure the process has no issues or flaws.


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